Thursday, October 23, 2008

October moments on ice

Hut built in 1901 by some of the original explorers of Antarctica. Original mummified seal in foreground of the first photo below:

Still haven't seen any penguins, but here's a stuffed emporer and chick in the science building:

small CD review online

Thanks Steve Jansen!

Sea Ice Training (iceberg, glacier, pb & j sandwich)

Had Sea Ice Training to learn how to find cracks in the ice and determine whether they can be safely crossed without falling in. We found where the permanent frozen sea ice meets the annually melting sea ice, and drilled to find the depth to open ocean water. Six meters on the multiyear ice, but less than two meters (~5 feet) between this winter's ice and the ocean below.

Heading out on this 5 feet of ice (still thick enough for driving on), I saw my first icebergs (a pic of one below), trapped in the frozen snow after floating into the bay last summer.

We then came to the foot of a large glacier (frozen ice river, slowing flowing off the side of the active volcano Erebus). This is about 200 feet tall.

Here is a long crevasse in the ice coming off the glacier. It forms every year between the glacier and Tent Island (seen at bottom).
We took "flight lunches" along, brown bag lunches made for us by the lunchroom, comprised of one or two year old granola bars (considered quite fresh down here) and peanut butter sandwiches for vegetarians (but sometimes cheese and pesto or hummus on better days). Lots of snack bargaining and sandwich trades in the back of the Haglin vehicle while we're bumping along the road.
This trip ended with a special surprise to a very unique feature, but I'm still awaiting approval before revealing the amazing photos of where we got to go! To be continued...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

some B.A. signs around town


A few weeks ago we had our first Weather Condition One, the most extreme conditions, when winds are too strong and the temp is too low to be outside. You aren't allowed to go outside during a Condition One.

Here we are outside during the Condition One, strapping down boxes on the cargo line so they wouldn't blow away. Notice Jeremy on top of the storage bins in the first picture, try to find everyone in the blowing snow in the second.

That night we hosted the biggest party on station in the Carpentry Shop, the Winstock music festival. The shop was completely transformed into concert venue/nightclub, with full stage, huge P.A. speakers, and the table saw became an elevated dance stage (see right side of second picture below).
I DJ'd the dance party as DJ CONDITION FUN.