Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fotos: Throwin lots of rocks these past months, Dry Valleys mountain stream, curls, those zany carps, "Welcome to WAIS," Lake Bonney mote boat, greenhouse, my roommate Solomon's (aka Solliewog/Solid Money/Dawg) awesome outfits, some ah MAAG food art

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pics: Friends (Solomon, Zephyr, Amy, Elizabeth), Laundry Room Black Light Glokkid, after moon tent bayside dj

leaving soon reflectives

I cleaned out my workbench today. I leave Antarctica in a day. I'm not sure if I'll come back again or not, but I packed all my tools in a storage van to use again next year, just in case. That felt pretty significant, realizing officially that I might be down here again some time, especially considering how seriously unhappy and unsettled I was the first two months here. I spent those days appreciative that I'd come down but wanting to never do it again. Things have changed so much since then, though. Since then I've made close friends with many very special people, being active in this small community, becoming confident in my job, making this feel like a home for these few months, listening to tons of The Ramones for the first time in my life and basically having a good day every day.

Now I'm super excited for the next month bicycling around Tasmania and coming home to all my great friends and family in the states! Love you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

pix: Blood Falls field camp, hooking cargo on helicopter, laundry room party (DJamesway & Hot Wont Quit performance), more crazy carps, petrified seal