Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hiking around Observation Hill

Last Sunday (our only day off each week) I hiked a few miles around the base of Ob Hill just outside of the station. You start to take the scenery for granted while you're in town, walking to work and back down to lunch, seeing the mountains in the distance, but it's all so much more incredible every time you leave the station and feel a part of the scenery, without buildings or roads in the way. I get to be re-overwhelmed every time I get the chance to step out of the town.
John and Robbie, the two friends I hike with (we flew down together from Denver, all first time visitors).
Looking back at McMurdo from the trail.
Some structures out on the sea ice.
Start of sunset, over the still-frozen sea ice of McMurdo Sound, about 3:30 pm.


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