Thursday, September 25, 2008

DJ episode one

I co-DJ'd a dance party last Saturday night at one of the two local bars on station, Gallagher's. The beats started after about four hours of open mic to a very packed, very drunk crowd. The musicians were pretty good, mostly folk guitar strummers, some from my shop (Carp Shop represent!)-- Casey did lots of songs about his home state of Texas, plus a great eddie vedder song from Into The Wild soundtrack and a Neutral Milk Hotel cover, and Danny did super excellent John Fahey/Leo Kottke-style instrumentals and some old country-blues numbers, half of them on a new lap steel guitar that the recreation department just bought and is available for borrowing (I'm getting ideas!).

Here's some moving pictures of my view from the dj booth. You see fellow techno-vegetarian Ben, who's been dj'ing down here for a few years now. Below is my friend Shawn, who was excited all week for what he called "Dance in Your Underpants," and in this shot he's already followed through with that promise, about to climb up on a chair, grasping his (now much-less-than-full) bottle of rum. You'll have to imagine the bottom half of this shot...


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